5 Reasons Custom Why Web Design Is Dying

Usually when we speak to customer about a new web design project, web consultant will not propose a website template. Partly because website template may end up looking the same as other website or it can mean the job become much simpler and web design company earn lesser. There are SEO reasons to consider as well. Today, lets look at the reason why this many not be the case anymore.

1. Function is More Important

When we do custom web design, customer usually start to control what they want on the website. They think that they can design a much better website than the designer when they just search around online to find a few good websites. There is a risk that the web designer may not be able to propose a design that will impress the industry. So, in the end, the final work can be a lot different from the original proposal done by the web designer.

With the advancement, website is not easy to update, making the client the web developer themselves after the development. Therefore, web design agency will usually start to do screenshot of the project as reference after they have completed the work instead, to save some embarrassment when client take the website into their own hands.

That is one of the reason template design may have a better-quality control then a custom web design. Template design are fix and usually incur minimal changes to the layout and easier to fulfil. Customer who are worried about the outcome of the website can stop imagining and see it as an almost completed work. What you see is what you get apart from replacing the content with your client’s.

2. Users Don’t Care If Its Custom Design

According to HubSpot survey, 76% of users said that being able to find what users are looking for is the most important rather than the design itself. Only about 10% of users said that appearance was the most important factor to them.

It is important to let your clients know that the website is for your users instead of themselves. The website is supposed to be built to help users find what they are looking for and user experience is top on the list. They also don’t care if its custom or template design. The website should score high on user experience which is readable, usable and other engaging factors that will make them stay longer.

A/B testing is one which will help the site owner determine which design converts the best. If that is okay for the client, then the A/B testing will mean the design appearing differently throughout the 24 hours period so to see which one gets better conversion.

3. Design Follows Function

Having a custom design is more expensive and if that budget can be invested in the function rather than design, your website can convert better. As design to visitor is subconsciously given, but a good decision is usually decided based on ease of functionality and quality of content. Therefore, the client should invest more money on content and function than design. Template designs are designed and tested by industry standard and implementation of the functions and content will make your website ready to rank and convert.

4. Awesome Templates Designs Are Everywhere

Years ago, it is difficult to find good website templates. However, today, there are lots of templates that have awesome design! Many professional web designer design and create themes and templates to sell in one place. Places like “Template Monsters” have superior customer service and good price. Theme design is as good or better than any custom functionality that is great in user experience. These are coded and built with content management system (CMS) Many of these developers provides support and updates too.

There is some part of themes which are not practical to have, those can be removed and make it to your content. These are just because it is usually made with lots of generalization imagine everyone require it.

5. Selling more Web Design Service with Templates

For a web design company, this concept should make your company sell more and uses less time designing a website but focus more on function and profitability.

The reason is as simple as client can see the finished product even before they started on the web design project. What you can add value to us the ability to make the website with functions that will help convert more visitors to paying customer. Making your value an even longer-term service than a short-term web design project.