1st Time Tax Filer Tips

The other papers would be things like student loan interest payments, any IRA contributions and It is important to speak with your parents because they might be planning to claim you as a dependent on their taxes. You cannot file your own taxes if you are going to be a dependent on anyone elses taxes because this will cause a problem for both parties.

Doing a little tax preparation and planning before hand can help save you time, money, and frustration when it comes to completing your taxes.

Texas Board Approved Ethics Courses

So what does this have to do with ethics? Well, recently Texas board approved ethics courses for all members. What this means is that new members pursuing their CPA will have to pass an ethics course. In addition, every person with a license will have to take a mandatory 4-hour ethics course approved by the Board every other year. Texas board approved ethics courses include a lot of information regarding appropriate practices and approaches to financial interactions.

Why Are Ethics Courses Important?

The board passed the ethics course ruling due to a real and present need for ethical practices to be reviewed.