Executive Coaching Strategies: What You Need To Know

For this article we spoke to Executive Coach Kerry Little to find out about the various forms of executive coaching and how they differed from each other.

Executive training is about advancing the performance of individuals in leadership roles, and mainly, it has to do with strengthening their aptitude to captain and also affect the output of the people, groups and the divisions they lead.

Broadly speaking there are three classifications of executive coaching: behavioural change coaching, personal productivity training, and 'energy' training.

In this post we will very quickly illustrate each of these coaching approaches as well as explain the advantages that come from the behavioral training strategy, so visitors can more thoroughly recognize just what behavioral training is, and also why it is likely to be the most effective executive coaching method readily available for career executives desiring expanded performance in their capacity to enhance the result of the teams and divisions they lead.

15 Fun And Worthwhile Team Building Activities

Team Building should never be boring. In fact, since it is a way to bond with your team - your people - you have to make sure that you provide them with activities that make them curious and engaged, allow them to build rapport as a team, and experience new adventures together. For this, here are some fun team building activities you can try.

1. Group Juggle

Two groups would throw juggling balls towards each other, and as the game progresses, more balls would be added. Therefore, the pressure would increase, which means that they have to learn how to work well togethera good chance to develop a teams camaraderie and workmanship, especially when there are a few new members.