Paralegal Jobs

It is predicted that by 2020, the number of paralegal jobs would rise by 33%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, as more and more people become aware of potential access to budget legal remedies, the number of clients seeking legal services is likewise increasing.

As a result, the responsibilities for the paralegal professional have grown wider in range, leading to the opening of more paralegal jobs.

What is the Nature of Paralegal Jobs?

A paralegal, otherwise known as a legal assistant, is responsible for many of the tasks that an attorney engaged in the practice of law would normally perform. However, while paralegals perform many of legal tasks, only lawyers have the ultimate responsibility of legal work that is, paralegal jobs do not include such tasks as appointing legal fees, providing legal advice, and actually presenting pleadings in court.

One of the most important things that involve paralegal jobs is helping attorneys prepare for business meetings, client closings, court hearings and trials. To do that, the paralegal engages heavily in research:

* Factual involves conducting investigations, locating witnesses and interviewing them, and other pertinent facts of a particular case

* Legal involves identifying appropriate judgements, legal decisions, relevant articles, and other matters relevant to an assigned case

* Documentary preparing papers and other pertinent records that lawyers may use to advance their case in court

After analyzing and organizing all information gathered, a paralegal is also expected to prepare a report of his/her findings to the lawyer in charge, who will use this as a basis to determine how the case should be progressed.

In addition to research, paralegal tasks may also include work in preparing a lawsuit. More information at: NE Indiana Paralegal . For instance, a paralegal may help the lawyer prepare legal briefs, draft arguments and pleadings to be presented to a court. He/she may also help obtain affidavits and provide general assistance to the attorney during trial.

Where to Find Paralegal Jobs

By its very nature, paralegal jobs are not restricted to working in law firms alone. In fact, paralegals can be found in all manners of organizations from law firms to company legal departments, as well as a myriad of governmental departments.

In all these organizations, paralegal jobs could include work in different areas of the law, including property, immigration, employee benefits, personal injury, business law, criminal law, labor law, intellectual property, bankruptcy, litigation, family law.

As the law becomes more and more complex, lawyers have begun to specialize their work in specific areas of the traditional law. Similarly, paralegal jobs are also becoming more specialized. Moreover, within these specialties, the functions of the paralegal are broken down even further to address specific areas of paralegal work. For instance, a paralegal that specializes in labor law may concentrate all his/her work on employee benefits alone, which is a subspecialty of labor law.

Hopefully this article helps explain the nature and potential of paralegal jobs. Good job hunting!